Video of a great local show

The following video is from Love+ Light, an exhibit at the Loveland, Colorado Feed and Grain building Feb. 10th 2012. I’d like to thank my good friend Jon Gacke for the video edit. The show was organized by Megan Tracy and Carrie Johansing-Heintzleman featuring over 30 artisans. The building has been secured by and will be a new resource to the artistic community of Loveland. At this point it is a 120 year old grain processing facility that has never been modernized. It’s an incredible time capsule. I chose the particular room to show in because of the markings on the columns, the machine, and the abundance of grain chutes. More information can be found at for the show, and for the building.

The other two images are of a current project on my workbench.

Look out Marfa, and Alpine, Tx. I am on my way!!! next week, the 27th Feb… Call Me!









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