“Lens Centering Machine” Light sculpture by Aaron Ristau

Sometimes I come across a piece of antiquated technology that I instantly know will make a great light sculpture. Watch the video!

The original devise was a Lens Centering Machine made by American Optical. The Animated Luminaria is filled with Xenon.




Useful Fiction light Sculpture


From a vintage 1930’s Artistic brand of permanent wave hair curling machine, “Useful Fiction” evolved through conversations with the work’s collaborator/collector and his recollection of reading Malcom Gladwell’s book What the Dog Saw.  In this book, Gladwell was re-telling the history of women’s hair dye.  During the 1950’s, several legendary women […] Read more »

Sculpture completion for a friend

Thank you Nick Stalin

A good friend of mine has helped me a lot with his glass lathe skills. I completed this base for him so he can try out different lights and power supply configurations going forward. The base is made from a reject hemispherical mirror. The lamp is one of my animated […] Read more »