Two New Sculptures Released

Two recent completed sculptures from Aaron Ristau Studio… Miss Piggy and Quadruped Floor lamp

Miss Piggy spacecraft stomps through the universe in her spiked heels, out of control, sucking up all the oxygen from positive spaces. Absorbing the positive energy around her, after processing it, she disperses it in a chaotic fashion. This suspended sculpture, built around the shell of a recycled spot light, has multicolored lights indicating “me, me, me,” and features a rotating projection from below, and a plasma discharge engine for propulsion. 45 Watts total power.

Chair side Quadruped Floor Lamp will keep watch over you. The neck can be positioned and tensioned to adjust the reach over a chair. The lamp shade at the top pivots and has a separate power switch at the base. The base body is made from an old stage light acquired from Hollywood, Ca. The rear blue glass is a custom vintage shape. Pistons create the transition to the legs. The arm to the shade above is constructed of a CB whip antenna with cord wrapped onto the antenna with cloth ribbon. Adjustable tension by a stainless cable creates the curve in the arm.

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