Fulgora’s Illumination

Fulgora’s Illumination, is a Do Right Hall joint exhibition with Tony Greer in Marfa, Texas, August 30 through September 2. Tony is a master of Neon and luminous glass sculpture. So, there will be light and kinetic sculpture on the floor, ceiling, and walls.

I’ve worked with Tony, owner of Tornado Gallery and Special Effects Neon, over the past decade making neon and xenon tubes for my own sculpture. (see here and here) Tony’s most recent work has developed out of new glass blowing technology added to his already well-equipped Lubbock, Texas studio. This has given him the capability of exploring organic branching structures — trees, roots, lightning and the like. This is going to be a grand exhibition!

Over the past many months my focus has been lighting commissions for Marfa residences and new works—assemblages of found detritus, reformed scientific apparatus and light—built specifically for Fulgora’s Illumination.

This is all made possible through our hosts at Do Right Hall, Buck Johnson and Camp Bosworth. Click through to see their work and an August 2 NPR article on Marfa with commentary by Camp.

Images of Tony’s recent work posted below + a graphic Randy Fisher created to celebrate the blacksmith and iron working building that Tony’s father (A.B Greer) and grandfather built. The building now houses Tornado Gallery, and Tony’s glass studio.
Thanks also to Randy for designing the exhibition poster.

For those not able to make the journey to Marfa, look for images of the show late this month!

*Fulgora: Roman Goddess of Lightning


































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