All the men in the family of Aaron were able to work Ristau
hands, and good. Grandfather, father and himself Aron – artists,
each works in its genre, each
equally talented. The works combine Ristou
nostalgic aesthetic of steampunk, a whimsical
mechanics and quite mundane functions. Household
Devices in the spirit of the steam age – is not a field for sculptor kinetista?

skoe name of Colorado We firmly assotsizvestnymi
potato pests, although
Dr. Ora skie beetles come not from there, and from Mexico.
tion in honor of the ill-fated state they have received only
it follows that, as all the local potato iznichtozhit
in the second half of XIX century.

But in Colorado there is something to see, and besides Colorado
beetles. For example, the sculptor Aaron
Ristou living in Loveland, near Den faith
the state capital. Ristou makes strange and beautiful
AT Bora
things that are often difficult to attribute
to any – or the direction of the kinetic
art. Ironically, the closest thing they do not
to sculpture, and to household appliances and electronics. Just
Master built manufacturing of computer mice, light bulbs
and other familiar objects in an art form. That of
it turned out – to judge us, the viewers.

What is Aaron doing Ristou? If you speak very
In short, everything. H For example, in 2008, he put before the
the public a device called Soip
In apk Mapiru l atog (“Manipulator control hoarding –

Shtukentsiya subtle and actually represents
a high cylindrical piggy bank with two
slits in the top panel, with a gap not through.
Put a coin in the non-through crack and begin to
wield a two-handle control, mechanical
associated with snake-like manipulator, located
between the slits. After several minutes of pain
finally picks up a coin manipulator
and shift it into a through-gap, thus
adding to our gold reserves.
“Hmm – you might say. – And why would not immediately put
coin in the coin box, bypassing the stage of non-through slot and handles
arm? “Frankly, the sensible response
on this question. On it and the arts. However, Ristou
figured out how to earn on your device.
Now Coin Bank Manipulator present at each of its
exhibition, meeting visitors at the entrance. On the mechanism
a price tag “25 cent – just 5 cents – harder
10 cents – a very hard “and the inscription:” The foundation of the artist. ”
None of the visitor does not pass by, each necessarily
puts a coin in a few minutes
puffs of manipulators. All better than to play
in machines at the station …
Well, it should be noted that donations Ristou loves.
At the entrance to the studio, he also set a box-piggy bank. Rights

DOZHNIKA And one of the main orientation of his work.
RISTOU MAY MAKE LAMP from almost anything

Yes, it’s not begging, but an honest exchange. Each
laid the coin can get out of the box design
icon of one of the artist’s works
or souvenir made from Ristou comes to hand
gear or a transistor. However, it is rather a joke,
What a way to generate income. Aaron is working at all
not in the field of sculpture and art and money to make a living
quite differently. “But I’m always pleased when someone
orders and buys my work: it is the most enjoyable
and natural way to spread them “- says
Functional Gizmo
As we have said, Ristou, in his work tends
to the subjects of domestic nature. In particular, he
on the shelf stand watch his own work under the name

Regsistepse of Vision Clock (“Clock, based on the inertia
It brought the visual playback n “). They do not dial
at least visible. Instead of a semi-circular housing
acts something like a small pendulum, capable of
move right and left at high speed.
H and the end of the pendulum – eight LEDs. When the pendulum
moves, they light up in accordance with certain
program. Due to the high speed (about
1 On the cycles per second) are merged into an integral LED
Image … correct figures for the time.
P Ravda keep such a watch before your eyes pretty
n riyatno not “image” is constantly twitching and pulsing
due to the fact that persistence of vision does not
quite uniform. But the idea, the idea of ??a KaKoBa l
Computer at home Aaron also looks very
peculiar. At least, network routing,

Steampunk aesthetics’
today attracts many
sculptors. Aaron felt
traction to a similar style
almost from birth …

(“Watch, based on mo-
tion of visual perception, ”
2008) – a specific chronometer
able to “provide not only
time, but any programmed for fixed
phrase. These hours do not
display, but is quickly DVIZHUSCHIYSA
pendulum, with eight LEDs DAMI
. Moments LED ON
synchronized with the movement
(“Four-legged floor monument na
“) – One of the many fixtures
Aaron designed
ALA installation of seat: the lamp
hangs over the human SEATED
com. Her “body” made from old
kinoprozhektora, selected
Aaron during his visit to Gol Leawood
, And the reasons for the legs – of
porwneY motorcycle. Long
pendulum, as a result of image-“weya” lamp has been a long time ago
mapping as if hanging in the air. flexible TV antenna.
The viewer does not have time to keep track of self – in short, a typical object-style
mime movement of a pendulum, he sees “a lot of interesting things can be
liw its extreme positions. found in a landfill. ”

Torr and a mouse (the remaining components of the system from the
sight does not amaze.) Customized Aaron can make
a copy of your mouse Wireless Mouse Version 2 for any
client. Technically, this is the usual five button wireless
mouse, but apparently it is something
like mint frisbee with some attached as
keys from an old typewriter. Secret
Ristou simple: it produces stimpankovy housing
that neatly attaches to the base of conventional wireless
Mouse-known manufacturer. Manufacturer of
This does not seem to suspect, though, even the artist label
from the bottom of his custom-mouse does not remove.
Router over the table like a radiator Ristou with kakoyto
distant planet: copper winding, torsional here
there details of typewriters and lamps, built-in
a device, like a searchlight. True, this book
Unit will not work: the artist pile it exclusively
for their own needs.
And his home is the lamp, whose foundation made
of old irons, mirrors, decorated with gears,
and strange thing called Thermadore Ascention
Figures – it is a vertical tube, through which up
and crawl down two humanoid robot. In general,
Aaron art tends to be instruments of illumination – in his

Location: Loveland, Colorado
USA Occupation: Sculptor, MECHANICS
CREATIVE CREDO: I created the things that
A modern functional
In harmony with the aesthetics of
AMERICAN OPTICAL GLASSES (“American glasses”, 2009) – Classical
imitaTsIR “mad inventor points of the XIX century”, a traditional hero
many movies. It’s not quite NQVDdel: these formed the basis for
laboratory goggles 1900 release.

Cases career
Of course, not do a solo and without Ristou vysta wok.
First held in 2000 in the studio by John Davis
in Alpine, Texas. Since then, they are held is regular,
but, admittedly, in this case, geography
leaves much to be desired. Only two states – Texas and Co. Lorado
– Open the doors of their galleries and exhibition
systems to work Ristou. However, this is due, rather,
unwillingness to engage with the sculptor promotions
and transfer their work to carry for long distances (upomya nutye
two states are close, but not between contiguous
a). Last date solo exhibition
held in Denver.
In principle, Ristou makes his living by private
orders. For example, for the city public library
Marfa (Texas), he designed and built the original tional
Another kind of lamp is for sale
Atomic. This lamp backlight, in which the Torah
between the layers is a layer of ordinary glass
uranium. The very light – ultraviolet, and under
ultraviolet uranium glass begins
quite clearly fluoresce green. Since the
that the uranium oxide used for the manufacture of such
glass, radioactive, Ristou did not hesitate to build
in light portable Geiger counter, so that the client
always aware of what taking a risk. P Ravda, themselves products of uranium
Glass does not “fonyat”: counter – no more than a joke.
Ristou complained that often there are problems
documentation on the sale of a work.
In the case of the Atomic needed sea certificates that
with boron poses no danger to the health environ yuschih.
In general, says Aron, bureaucracy hinders live
most. He made the candlestick, and then have a full
a bunch of certificates that it does not damage your eyes, gives
enough light and does not explode from shock.
The second issue of their presence Aron calls in a day
only 24 hours, which is extremely small.
Aaron’s father – Mel Ristou – also an artist. True,
he is not engaged in kinetic art, and tends
to modern design furniture and household items. We
Aaron was asked who the artists past and present
he admires, whose work inspired it.
P ervym he called his father, but to our vyaschemu satisfy volstviyu
Among other names mentioned Aaron
were many sculptors, with whom we worked:
Greg Brotherton, Christopher Conte, Nemo, Gold, Stephen Alley,
Andy Hill, Theo Jansen, Jeremy Meyer, Roger Wood.
Despite the fact that among the works can be found Ristou
intersection with the aforementioned artists, he still inherent existence
. He does not try to follow the standard nakatana Noah
Track and enthusiastically implementing the original
ideas that come to mind. Good luck, Aaron!


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